• Thank you to everyone who came to Tumblr <3 Brasil: São Paulo chapter at the old MASP! What a way to celebrate Brasilian creativity… we had:

    • 3d and interactive projections by VJS from Sala28
    • Live graffiti art by Cranio (por Zupi Design)
    • Interactive art installation by Kaloan
    • Live music by Monique Maion
    • Performances by DJ Tahira and DJs Optimo
    • Set design by the talented Djunior from Ahcervo
    • Voodoohop craziness
    • RedBull, SKYY Vodka, Cointreau and Sagatiba and Zupi magazines for all! A super special thanks to our partners.

    Thank you for all your submissions, we hope you guys had a wonderful time! We most definitely did. See you again soon…